Law Professor Robert Blecker Files Brief in Deflategate Detailing Conspiracy Theory Against the NFL

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New York Law School Professor Robert Blecker, who has been very outspoken about the Deflategate proceedings, has filed an amicus brief (friend of the court brief) disparaging both the NFL and Tom Brady’s handling of the Deflategate legal proceedings.

Blecker argues that the NFL had no evidence of “human tampering” and based all of its findings on faulty evidence that could be explained by other causes. Blecker also criticizes the NFLPA and Brady, stating that instead of “attack[ing] the Commissioner’s “sweeping grab” for power” they should have been defending “Brady’s smeared reputation.”

Blecker’s brief ultimately asks for the Court to rule in Brady’s favor but for different reasons (i.e. there was no evidence) than being argued by Brady.

The filing, although quite an entertaining read, will likely have minimal if any impact on the appeal. As a preliminary hurdle, the court will have to determine that the brief is “relevant” to the case. The brief does contain facts and arguments relevant to the underlying alleged deflating scheme but is arguably not relevant to the legal arguments made in the District Court or on appeal. Even if the brief is let in, it is unknown how much credence the three Judge panel will give to Blecker’s arguments.

Here is the full brief filed today:

Download the PDF file .

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