This Week in SportsLaw: Huge hearing in the Derrick Rose Suit, Nick Symmonds Appeal, and Sefolosha v. NYPD

Nick Symmonds

Every Monday The White Bronco’s “This Week in Sports Law” previews the week to come in the sports legal world. Here is a look at what is going on this week:

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Derrick Rose Lawsuit Pretrial Hearing

On Tuesday (9/20) at 9:30 a.m. the parties will appear in court for the last time before trial to argue a number of remaining issues. I detailed the important ones in the trial primer (towards the end). Highlights include Rose’s motion seeking to force Doe to reveal her identity, Rose’s motion seeking to keep evidence of his SAT testing scandal out, and – a new one that was just filed this weekend – Rose’s request for sanctions because Doe spoke to media last week (which called out a number of media folks including yours truly).

Typically, the judge in this case has handed out a “tentative ruling” at the hearing, listened to arguments on each issue, and then issued a formal written ruling within a week. The judge’s rulings on these issues will have a profound impact on the parties settlement negotiations and what evidence they will be allowed to introduce at trial. Keep an eye out our more detailed preview later today.

Nick Symmonds’ Appeal

U.S. Runner Nick Symmonds’ opening Ninth Circuit appeals brief in his valiant fight against the USOC and US Track & Field over the ability to include ads for his company, Run Gum, on his running jersey is due today. [UPDATE: Symmonds has been granted a one month extension to file his opening brief] In May, an Oregon Federal Court dismissed Symmonds’ antitrust lawsuit, holding that the Ted Stevens Amateur Sports Act granted the USOC immunity from antitrust laws. The White Bronco writer George Powell broke down the case and previewed what to expect on appeal here.

Initial Conference in Thabo Sefolosha’s lawsuit against the NYPD

On Wednesday (9/21) the attorneys in Sefolosha’s lawsuit against the NYPD — regarding his arrest and injury outside of a Manhattan nightclub last year – will appear in court for the first time. During the hearing — will be mostly procedural — the judge will set a number of deadlines for the civil lawsuit (possibly including a trial date). In preparation for the hearing, the parties recently filed some interesting information with the court:

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