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On December 26, 2015, Al Jazeera aired the following documentary connecting a number of athletes including Peyton Manning, Ryan Zimmerman, and Ryan Howard to performance enhancing drugs:

The allegations in the documentary were immediately questioned and rumors swirled that some or all of the accused athletes would file defamation lawsuits against the news outlet.  To date, two of those athletes — Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Howard — have done so.

Background reading and legal analysis on the athletes’ legal cases:

Peyton Manning update: After a seven month “investigation,” the NFL has cleared Manning after finding no credible evidence that Manning used HGH.

The other NFL Players: Four additional NFL players were named in the documentary: Green Bay Packers linebackers Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison and free agent linebacker Mike Neal.  The NFL has demanded to interview the players, who have not yet acquiesced. The NFL has given the players until August 25th to provide interviews or has threatened to suspend them until they do.  Here is the full letter from the NFL to the NFLPA demanding interviews:

Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Howard Defamation Lawsuit

To date, Zimmerman and Howard are the only two athletes who have pursued legal action.  Their cases are pending in federal court in the District of Columbia.

Case Documents:

Upcoming Key Dates:

  • 9/13 at 2:45 pm – Hearing on Al Jazeera and Liam Collins Motions to Dismiss Zimmerman suit.