Polling the Experts: Who Will Win the Deflategate Appeal?

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We asked some of the top lawyers following the Deflategate appeal: Who do you think will win?  Here are their answers: Stephanie Stradley, Lawyer & writer for the Houston Chronicle Online. Who wins? NFL. "Judges are hard to predict, and even Jeffrey Kessler seemed surprised by the oddly fact-focused nature of the questions, and issues framed in ways that support the … [Read more...]

The Biggest Wildcard in Deflategate? Adrian Peterson.

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drian Peterson, in a comeback year of sorts, won the NFL rushing title and led the Minnesota Vikings to their first playoff appearance since 2012. With all of the other off the field issues swirling around the NFL right now (the Peyton Manning HGH allegations, possible relocation of a team(s) to Los Angeles), it seems like a long time since Peterson’s legal troubles were … [Read more...]

The NFL’s New Deflategate Appeal Strategy: “It’s a Trap!”

Its a trap

  here is an abundance of legal strategy that lies beneath the surface of what is written in brief and argued in court. One such example of this strategy is when a party chooses to make reveal a particular argument. Depending on the results of its latest maneuver, the NFL may have just masterfully presented a key argument (at least in the NFL’s opinion) in the final … [Read more...]

Law Professor Robert Blecker Files Brief in Deflategate Detailing Conspiracy Theory Against the NFL

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ew York Law School Professor Robert Blecker, who has been very outspoken about the Deflategate proceedings, has filed an amicus brief (friend of the court brief) disparaging both the NFL and Tom Brady’s handling of the Deflategate legal proceedings. Blecker argues that the NFL had no evidence of “human tampering” and based all of its findings on faulty evidence that could be … [Read more...]